Can You Use a Smoker in the Rain – Problem Solved

People love to install their Barbecue grill /smoker in their patio garden. There are many types of weather, and it will always be unpredictable. One moment, you might be having a great time at your barbeque in the backyard. Then the rain comes along to ruin everything! It is no secret that rain can damage even the best garden parties. People believe if rain happens, they cant use their smoke.

People mostly prefer electric smokers but still want to smoke outside. Can You Use a Smoker In The Rain?

Yes, you can use a smoker in the rain. But, this is only possible if your product has been tightly covered and the drained water doesn’t seep inside. Also, make sure that the temperature of your smoker remains stable at all times to help improve the quality of the smoking experience for you. If it decreases from its standard level, then expect that smoke will take some time before finishing off or burning out entirely by itself.

The Effects of Rain on Food Smoking.

Smoking meat can be difficult when the weather isn’t cooperating. Not only rain and wind, but the extreme cold could cause your smoker’s temperature to drop. But that’s not all. Low temperatures will slow smoking sessions as well.

can you use a smoker in the rain

But, extreme cold or rain isn’t as bad because smokers are insulated and keep the smoke inside. What makes rain great for meat smoking is that you don’t have to worry about escaping smoke. This aspect of all things related to food helps ensure that our brisket still smokes away – even on a rainy day.

A fast and effortless way to keep your smoking area dry is by putting up a canopy or tarp. To optimize success, you should light it before the storm starts. Protect it from incoming weather by shielding its flame with a smoker door or adding extra protection. You can also cut checking on your meat using an external thermometer that extends outside of the smoker. Another option goes out any opening from which smoke may escape form.

Rain is only a minor problem for your smoker. But, if you are getting some heavy rain or coming down hard. This can affect the heat that your smoker needs to maintain and thus throw off the cooking of what you’re smoking. If there is flooding in your yard, end your smoking session before anything gets ruined.

Smokers are more sheltered, such as a pellet grill or electric smoker. Wind probably won’t affect these types of smokers.

No matter what type is used, try placing it in an area like a porch or garage to protect your smoker and keep the temperature consistent. Always check the temperature. If too many winds up affecting it, then consider making adjustments accordingly.

How Can You Use A Smoker In The Rain Safely – Tips & Tricks 

You know that rain will affect food smoking. But don’t worry- we are here to help you save the day with some well-known and straightforward tips on shielding your smoker.

Smoking canopy:  

smoker in the rain

Smoking canopies are cost-effective, easy to set up, and safe to protect yourself or your smoker from the rain. No need for any sort of upkeep. It can be taken down after each use if you don’t want it there permanently. The smoking canopy gets the job done. While protecting against any type of fire caused by improper ventilation in most cases. They’re also safe as they have at least two walls with openings. that allow proper ventilation. When your smoker is going on under them and no problem breathing in them either.

Close the smoker’s lid tightly:-

The oncoming rains will be followed by wind. It’s important to maintain the smoke inside when smoking food. But it can seem impossible with the winds blowing away your smoky chemicals. Prevent this from happening in two ways:

1. Close up your smoker as tightly as possible.

2. Make it won’t leak through when you are cooking outdoors.

Safeguard Electronic connections

Always use all safety measures you can when dealing with electricity.

Be careful when using an electric smoker to not expose your electrical cords to rainwater. Because water conducts electricity, a short circuit or electrocution could result. To avoid any danger of electric shock, take precautions to wrap electrical connections with insulating tape and ensure that the smoker’s wiring is not in contact with water. You can additionally strengthen the cord wrap by isolating it from outside sources with plastic pipes. And regularly check for leaks in the wiring of the smoke machine by checking around its power cord.

BBQ Gazebo 

can you use smoker in rain

For a more long-term solution for your smoker and to keep it out of the rain, smoking gazebos are an excellent choice. There is quite a bit of versatility when it comes to these types. You can get metal structures that will typically last longer than wood ones when exposed to the elements. They’re easy enough to assemble with plenty of space for hanging out with friends on rainy days if you so choose! If you prefer something more extensive or wood over metal. Then go ahead and dream away until your heart’s content.

Find an Area Around Your Home 

Finding some safe outdoor space is one of the most overlooked ways to protect your smoker from poor weather. This does not need to be a substantial amount of coverage. There are plenty of spots where you can shield your smoker from the rain without having an excessive amount. For example, look for areas under a roof extension, tall trees, or small covered patios to get partial protection and ventilation.

Cover the top vent

The vent at the top of smokers is essential. Because it helps to evaporate moisture inside. Rain will also enter via this path. So, if you haven’t completely covered your smoker, you’ll need a little canopy above the vent. You should not put anything on a smoke vent. 

If you don’t have a roof, use an absorbent piece of cloth like cotton or gauze. That can be dampened and placed over the entrance to help keep the rain out. 

Rain cover for an electric smoker

It’s raining outside, and no matter what you do, you won’t be able to stop the water. Rainwater still manages to get inside the smoker no matter what you do. Cover your grill with a big umbrella to prevent water. Alternatively, moving it under an eave is a good option as well. It keeps you dry and safe while also saving on electricity costs. Because the fire doesn’t have to keep going for more extended periods during rainfall.


Although the smoker can be kept in a shed or garage during rain. Some people have opted to keep them inside for rainy seasons. This is done by keeping them in a dry and clear area of all precipitation like snowmelt and rainfall.

If you can’t find a space indoors, your best option is to use a waterproof cover. You may also want to position the barbeque in an area that receives little rainfall or under an overhang if it has one. 

Can You Smoke Meat In The Wind?

Wind can be your most harmful enemy when it comes to maintaining temperature. It’s more difficult than rain, but you can smoke meat in the wind if you take precautions. The smoker loses a lot of heat, and a high flame will also increase the temperature, resulting in burnt or scorched food.

It is important to remember what kind of smoker you are using when smoking meat because not all smokers work the same way. Different factors will affect different types of smokers differently. Meaning they react differently to conditions like wood type and temperature. Because not all smokers work like others. Which means they react differently to different conditions.

A smoker can be used for many things and not just smoking meat. Whatever you’re using to protect your smoker and maintain a steady temperature. Try placing it in sheltered areas like porches or garages. Always check the temperature. So that it is being affected by the wind too much, you might need to reconsider how it’s placed.

Few Tips To Smoke Meat In The Wind

When smoking meat in the wind, be mindful of temperature fluctuations. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Slow down your cooking process. Monitor your temperature to make sure it’s not too high. So you don’t need to turn on any other heat source (this will reduce temperature changes). 

2. To avoid direct contact with the wind. You should place your smoker in a sheltered area like a porch, veranda, garage, or tucked around the corner.

3. Try to control the temperature and smoke flow direction by lining up the wind. You place your vents on a horizontal smoker, like an offset or pellet grill. This will not affect how it smokes and makes it much easier for you to check in general. 

5. A more insulated smoker will have less impact from the wind. If you live in a notoriously windy area, it’s worth investing in insulation to protect your smoker.

Can You Smoke Meat In The Cold?

Colder temps mean you need to make some adjustments for your smoker. To begin with, the temperature of your smoke will be below. So you’ll need extra heat for things to get cooking and up-to-temp. The cold weather naturally pulls more heat from a smoker anyway.

The colder months of winter require more fuel for your cooking. If you intend on cooking outside during the colder months, it might cost a lot in fuel costs over time since cold air requires more heating. One useful method to save money is by investing in an insulated smoker. Because These are usually ceramic and heated well and retain heat throughout the smoking session.

Can You Use A Smoker In The Rain?

Yes, it is possible to smoke in the rain. But, you might need to adjust your style a bit depending on the weather. But please remember It is not good to use an electric smoker when it’s wet. In general, these two don’t mix well and can be dangerous. We would suggest that you not try to use it in the rain.

These days, different kinds of smokers are available in the market, with features to offer. But it’s hard to tell whether you can use them when it rains. Electric smokeless BBQs aren’t waterproof! You may come across some water-resistant ones, but they can take a little splash of water. The best way to use your electric smoker is by building an umbrella barbecue or canopy. Which will protect against any kind of weather and keep your smoker safe from the rain. 

What Kind of Weather Really Affects Your Smoking?

Rain is not an issue when it comes to smoking outdoors and opens. However, snow can be a severe problem as it has the potential of entering your smoker and ruining everything. I know this can sound like tough luck- but don’t let snow ruin all of your hard work! If you’re in such a situation, you should find shelter as soon as possible or change your plans for this day if that’s not possible.

Does the rain affect the quality of the smoker?

Rainwater can ruin the quality of smoked food. If the smoker is not waterproof. It will allow the rainwater inside, and there’s a possibility that you won’t be able to smoke correctly. Conversely, if your smoker has a proper seal against wetness from the outside. Then moisture dripping in is no problem. Rain will also lower the temperature of your smoker. Make sure that you keep it at an even degree, or else if it is too high-you’ll have to smoke for more extended periods.

Is Electric Smoker Waterproof?

Honestly, No, the smoker is not waterproof. Their durability may make them able to survive some rain. But water spilling out of a pan onto an electric smoker can damage its control box and other essential components. There are slight exceptions. If your electric smoker is made from stainless steel or titanium metals. It will be watertight to that extent. But it still won’t do you much good when exposed to high moisture levels for prolonged periods. 

Final Words

In the article “can you use a smoker in the rain,” we understand that Grilling in the rain is not as bad as you might think. In fact, with a few adjustments with these tips, you’ll be able to grill. Despite the rain, you can still use your smoker to create delicious smoked dishes.
So next time it starts raining while you’re barbecuing, don’t worry – just use one of these methods to keep the smoke going! If possible, try to keep your smoker sheltered or undercover during rainstorms to avoid letting not to let rain getting inside of it.