How Long Can Uncrustables Stay Out ? – The Definitive Answer

Do you have leftover Uncrustables and are unsure what to do with them? Were you worried about foodborne illness? You’re not alone. In fact, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than half of Americans are afraid to eat certain types of food after leaving a restaurant.

But is there cause for concern? We investigated and found the definitive answer.

Well, how long uncrustables can stay out depends on who you ask. Uncrustables are cold-cut sandwiches that are pre-sliced and sealed in plastic. The plastic protects them from getting stale but is not moldy. We tested them in our home kitchen to see how long they could stay out. We found many different answers, some conflicting and others definite. Without further ado, here is How Long Can Uncrustables Stay Out before they go bad.

What are Uncrustables ?

Uncrustables are a kind of sandwich that doesn’t have a crust. 

How Long Can Uncrustables Stay Out

Bread, peanut butter, and jelly are usually used to make them. They can be a great way to have a quick and easy meal, but they can be tricky to store. 

We’ll show you how to keep them in good condition for as long as possible and freeze them for later use.

Uncrustables can sit out of the fridge for up to two hours, but they start to spoil after that. 

Uncrustable is frozen products that are suitable for leftovers. The uncrustable product can be stored in the freezer and consumed later, or it can also be eaten along the way when traveling. So, if you’re looking for an easy snack idea at work, college, or on your lunch break, these frozen uncrustables may do the trick!

How Long Can Uncrustables Stay Out Without Going Bad

Eating within 6–8 hours is best if they are thawed. If they are left out at room temperature, eating within 6–8 hours is best if they have softened. After that, they start to spoil and may make you sick if you eat them.

Generally, sandwiches made with wheat bread and fillings like peanut butter or cheese can last for several hours at room temperature before they go wrong. However, sandwiches made with white bread and fillings like mayonnaise or eggs should be eaten within a few hours of being made, as they can start to spoil more quickly.

Of course, the best way to ensure that your uncrustables are still fresh is to store them in the fridge or freezer, just like you store peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. To preserve them fresh, wrap them in plastic or aluminum foil. They may be kept for 24 hours in the fridge or, if needed, frozen for three months or so.

How to keep your Uncrustables fresh and delicious


Keep Uncrustables fresh and delicious by storing them in a cool, dry location. 

You must store the uncrustables in the freezer if you do not plan to eat them right awayIt is vital to keep them cool because they will spoil if they are left at room temperature for a long time. By doing so, you can enjoy them without concern about getting stale.

However, be sure to label your Uncrustables with the date they were made and the “sell by” date so that you can be sure they are still safe to eat.

How Long Can Uncrustables Last In The Fridge?

An Uncrustable sandwich is an easy and fast meal, but storing them can be tricky. The moment you can, refrigerate them to keep them fresh. They will last approximately 24 hrs in the fridge. However, be warned that uncrustables will not be as tasty after this time in the refrigerator. 

How Long Do Uncrustables Last In The Freezer?

Freezing uncrustables can be a convenient way to keep them fresh and edible. They will last roughly 2-3 months in the freezer. However, be warned that they may not be as tasty after freezing—especially if they have been frozen for a long time. Again, it is essential to label your it with the date they were made and the “sell by” date so that you can be sure they are still safe to eat.

How Can I Extend The Shelf Life Of My Uncrustables?

There is no guaranteed way to extend the shelf life of Uncrustables, but by following a few simple guidelines, you can make sure they will be safe to eat. For starters, keep them cool and dry. Secondly, label them with the date they were made and the “sell by” date so you can be sure they are still fresh. 

What are the health implications of consuming uncrustables?

No health risks are associated with eating uncrushable. It can’t make you sick unless you’re allergic to high-fructose corn syrup and sugar.

However, if you notice it’s starting to smell bad or look moldy, you should throw them away immediately.

It’s always better to be overcautious when it comes to food safety. It’s best to throw them away if you’re not sure they’re still safe to eat. No long-term health risks are associated with eating it but follow the safety guidelines listed above. 

Can You Freeze Homemade Uncrustables?

Yes, you can freeze homemade Uncrustables. Place it in a freezer-safe plastic bag or container and freeze for up to 3 months. When you are ready to enjoy your frozen homemade Uncrustables, thaw them out in the refrigerator for 30–60 min. When they are thawed, you can enjoy them just like any other Uncrustable.

But it is still not recommended to freeze the ingredients used to make an Uncrustable because they may lose some of their freshness and flavor when frozen. 

Can You Defrost Uncrustables in the Microwave?

No, you should not defrost uncoated sandwiches in the microwave, as it can affect the taste and quality of the food. Uncoated sandwiches are tastier, so eating them fresh is a better option.

Is It Safe To Eat Uncrustables That Have Been Sitting Out For A While?

After unrefrigerated Eat within 6 to 8 hours, if it’s sitting out more than that time, there’s a chance that it could be contaminated with bacteria or other germs. 

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Finally, Smuckers Uncrustables are air-popped, resulting in a fluffy and light texture that is sure to please even the most demanding cheese lover. With all these delicious reasons to start eating more Smuckers Uncrustables, there’s no reason not to!

Do Uncrustables need to be refrigerated or frozen?

Yes, Uncrustables need to be refrigerated or frozen. They will stay fresh for 7–10 days when stored in the fridge and 3-5 days when stored in the freezer.

What Temperature Is Safe For Uncrustables?

The temperature of uncrustables should be stored in the freezer section of your refrigerator at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

What Should I Do If I Find Out My Uncrustables Are Spoiled?

If you find out that it has spoiled, the best course is to throw them out. They cannot be eaten and can cause serious health risks if consumed. In addition, the “sell by” date on uncrustables will have passed, so these snacks are no longer safe to eat.


Here you have read everything about How Long Can Uncrustables Stay Out that you needed to know. We hope this information is helpful and you can now enjoy a tasty lunch without any doubts. Ensure that the uncrustables you use don’t expire before their expiry date, and keep them in an airtight container.

Uncrustables can be enjoyed without the worry of spoilage if stored properly. However, following simple guidelines is vital to ensure your sandwiches are still safe to eat.