10 Best Grill Mat for Concrete Patio ( Cheap to High-End)

Nowadays, people love to hold a bbq celebration for close friends on an attractive concrete patio. You wouldn’t want to ruin your stained floor or need to get repairs done after every grilling session. But it may stain and damage it. There are many ways to protect your concrete patio from damage during grilling sessions. One way is by using the best grill mat for concrete patio surface, which will avoid discoloration and damage. You can also use a good mat if you’re tired of getting stains on your floor or want a more leisurely time standing due to long grilling sessions.

Best Grill Mat for Concrete Patio

A grill mat is not a good investment at first glance, as it does nothing for the grill’s life or performance either way. But when you consider how many spills and drips are saved from damaging your patio with this mat’s help. Its actual value becomes clear-it will keep that surface clean. While still comfortable enough to stand in front of during long barbeque sessions. These durable mats absorb liquid leaks and resist high temperatures in any situation.

Having the best grill mat can help you save money in the long run for grilling on your concrete patio floor. It is made with resistant materials like silicone and vinyl. These mats will protect your floor from discoloration or damage. That might occur from the messy-looking residue left behind by using gas-powered grills. We’ve reviewed some best grill mat for concrete patio that is great for this purpose- continue reading our list of top choices below.

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The Top 10 Best Grill Mat For Concrete Patio Review

1. Cuisinart Premium Deck and Patio Grill Mat

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One of the most highly reviewed Patio Grill Mat is Cuisinart CGMT-300. The Cuisinart is made from 100% durable PVC and will protect your deck or patio from grease, spills, and stains. It’s also durable and well made for your grills to hold in place or even protect surfaces. That can’t withstand high temperatures like decks and patios.

This Cuisinart grill mat is a perfect outdoor cooking accessory, and it is simple to clean with just water. The price range of this grill will be like a competitor.

The 65″ x 35″ size is perfect for most smokers, gas grills, and griddles. It’s weather-resistant so that you can use it indoors or outdoors. This grill mat has received a 4.8-star rating from over 5744 customers.

I am so happy with this mat. I highly recommend it! It is worth every penny for how well made and easy it is to clean.


  • Easy Clean.
  • Ample space to cover the grilling area
  • Oils, greases, and stains are effectively collected.
  • Stays in place


  • It may fade away fast.

2.GRILLTEX Patio Mat

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If you’re looking for the most popular option for your first grill protective mat, consider the GRILLTEX Patio Mat.

This mat is 100% reclaimed rubber to help reduce spills and stains. The rubber helps keep the mat in place and heat up to 500°F. So that you never have any problem with hot spots on your floors anymore.

It has a 39″ by 72″ size, covering your entire deck or patio from all of the water, sauces, and oils frequently used.

This product’s anti-microbial agent will protect it from any microorganisms that may grow on your mat. It also keeps your mat looking new. You have to rinse it with soapy water or use a garden hose to keep your mat clean.

Its average customer rating is 4.7-stars from over 9586 customers. A 1-year limited warranty covers this mat against defects in manufacture.


  • Installation is simple.
  • Rubber materials that are resistant to heat
  • Oils are collected appropriately, and cleaning is simple.
  • long-lasting
  • It can withstand temperatures of up to 500°F.
  • For concrete surfaces, it’s the best option.


  • It’s not recommended for PVC decking since it can discolor it.
  • The mat is insufficiently thick.

3.Pit Boss Grills Mat

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If you’re looking for a famous brand for your next grill mat, consider the Pit Boss Grills Mat. But, it comes at a high cost, Though it still offers you complete satisfaction with its value.

You won’t regret picking up this mat as it is PFOA-free and not harmful to your health. Pit Boss will prove its durability against wear and tear compared to similar products that are more expensive than many others today.

You can be protected with the 52″ x 34″ Rectangle size for a large gas, charcoal, pellet grill, smoker, or fryer. The PIT boss mat will protect your wood or concrete deck from grease and ash burns that are likely to happen while grilling.

The PIT boss offers you an easy way to clean your space after cooking and grilling using soap & water.


  • Despite its thin appearance, it is extremely resilient.
  • It’s the perfect size for grilling.
  • Value for money.


  • It was not cheap.

4. Gas Mat

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If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative for your first grill mat, consider the Gas Mat.

It is made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. It’s designed to withstand any BBQ mess and protect expensive surfaces from spills.

The Premium Gas Grill Mat is a non-slip mat with a waterproof layer. That will trap spills from BBQ messes and prevent any liquid or grease from soaking through to damage your outdoor surfaces. It has a size of 39×72 inches, which will be enough to cover your entire grill area.

The grill mat doesn’t ignite when the burning charcoal falls onto it. Because it has an extra heat resistant barrier to protect your decking and patio furniture.

This product is easy to clean. All you have to do when it’s time for cleaning is rinse with soap and water or use a garden hose.

This grill mat is very lightweight but not durable enough to last outside in the rain for a longer time.


  • Easily cuttable
  • The grill has a high level of fire resistance.
  • It’s also good for the environment.


  • It’s very light weight heavy.
  • Rain water underneath

5.The Original Ember Mat

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Ember Mat is another excellent model to consider when expanding your collection.

This 67 “x60” inch ground protects the ground from flame, pop embers, and dripping grease from damaging the space around your grill.

Fire-resistant sub-straight coatings are durable, easy to clean, and made of food-grade silicone. It also has high reflective edging for visibility at night to keep these fires safe during windy conditions.

This is the perfect cover for a screened-in back porch. Placed outdoor gas fire pit on it, and don’t worry about the deck catching on fire or getting too hot.


  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Meets all USFS & BLM fire blanket regulations
  • For nighttime visibility, high reflective edging is used.


  • When grilling on grass, the mat isn’t as useful.
  • It’s possible that it won’t work with heat-sensitive decking.

6.Fasmov 3 Feet x 4 Feet Grill Mat Grill

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If you’re looking for an affordable option for your best under grill mat, consider the Fasmov Grill.

This mat is made from high-quality PVC vinyl and will protect any surface from burn marks, ashes, and rust stains. The PVC grill mat is not only compatible with a wide variety of grills. But it’s also usable on almost all flat surfaces, including wooden deck, composite, tile stone, turf sand, etc.

The mat is adequate for absorbing all liquid spills such as sauces, marinades, and melted fat that may come their way during cooking. It’s waterproof, so you don’t have to fear grilling on wet days if raindrops start falling.

Cleaning up is extremely easy to wash by hand or hosed down with garden water. This Fasmov mat measures 36 x 50 inches to cover your grilling area.

This is a reliable and protective product for the price. It’s completely waterproof. But, it will get puddles on it after rain. We weren’t expecting this, but we’re not too surprised either because of its water repellent. This isn’t a big problem for us but something you may want to know.


  • It’s a BBQ mat that’s light but hard.
  • The mat can be used on several different surfaces.
  • It’s simple to take care of.


  • The deck isn’t thick enough to keep the stains from reaching it.
  • It is susceptible to wind damage.

7.RESILIA – Large Under Grill Mat

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If you need a reliable larger mat that will last long, this 72 x 48 inches should be your go-to. It’s perfect for any large grills as it’ll have complete coverage on the surface.

RESILIA Flame-retardant mats are made with flexible PVC vinyl.

As well as DINP-free materials that also meet Prop 65 standards for safety. that protect your floors from grease and oils.

This heavy-duty mat is flame-retardant and protects your floor from grease, oil, charcoal, etc. You can easily clean with just a splash of water.

Thanks to this excellent product. It makes it super durable and among the best grill mats around. You can now enjoy family dinners or get-togethers on your porch without worrying about greasy surfaces, rusting, or decking staining. Thanks to this superb product.

If you are looking for something more expansive and more durable, then RESILIA is the best choice for my option. But the price may be higher, but it’s still worth the price in the long run.


  • To avoid a fire outbreak, use a flame retardant.
  • Appealing design
  • Installing and maintaining the system is simple.
  • a large area of coverage
  • Environmentally friendly design


  • Thickness may be improved.

8.RESILIA – Round Under Grill Mat

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If you’re looking for a Round Grill Mat, then RESILIA Round Grill Mat is one option.

Build with durable PVC vinyl that emits no harmful substances into your environment like phthalates or DINP-free materials derived from recycled content.

This mat is anti-slip and flame retardant to protect your floor from grease, oil, or charcoal. It can also withstand rusting. Wash the mat with water, and it will be just as clean as new.

It is a 36″ diameter round mat that will fit under the charcoal grill. Don’t worry about it being round-shaped, and you can use this for other shaped grills. There is no problem with using them under circular grills either.

One issue I like to point out about this grill are few users discover that coal burned through the mat right into the deck.


  • The grill has a high level of fire resistance.
  • It’s also good for the environment.


  • It’s far too hefty.
  • Water is trapped beneath it.
  • The mat’s matte finish may not stay long.

9.GrillTex Round Patio Mat

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GrillTex is another fantastic option for the next Grill Mat.

GrillTex mat is the way to go when it comes to grill safety. It protects your decks and patios from grease stains as well as 500°F heat.

The protective mat size is 33″ round, and it catches spills made when using charcoal kettle grills, turkey fryers, and more!

Just wipe with a paper towel and household cleaner or spray with a garden hose to clean spills or splatters.

These durable mats are 0.11 inches thick with a mini pyramid textured underside. So you know it’s safe underfoot no matter which way you’re looking at it.

10. Brinman Under Grill Mat ( Lowest Price )

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In my 10 best grill mats for concrete patio list, the last mat I suggest is Brinman Under Grill Mat. Its average customer rating is 4.4-stars from over 873 customers. If you are looking for the most affordable option, I suggest you you can go for this best grill mat for composite deck.

Suppose looking for around option. It comes with 36″ x 30″ inches that quickly go underneath your grills. This mat is available in a 36-inch round size as well.

The grill mats include flame retardant properties and heat resistant material. Build with 100% PFOA-free materials in premium fabric and a rubber backing to be safe for health.

Grilling mats protect decks, patios, and other surfaces from grease, oil, and sauces. The rubber grill mats help keep your mat in place under any grills for a slip-resistant experience.


  • Low cost
  • Different size and shape available
  • Slip – Resistant waterproof


  • It may fade away fast.
  • Fuzzy material

Best Grill Mat For Concrete Patio Buying Guide

To receive what you need most in a reliable grilling mat of high quality. The material should be durable enough to sustain the high temperatures. The quality grilling mat will protect your concrete patio and extend its life span.

I have created a detailed buying guide to make this task easier for you. Take into consideration these factors that will help you buy your best grill mat for a concrete patio.

Material that Sits Perfect

One of the most significant things to consider when buying grill mats is the material. You want materials that can withstand fire and high-heat exposure. And as these mats are going to be used in grills, Which exposes them to intense heat.

Polyester fiber, polyvinyl chloride, and PTFE are some of the best solutions. Some models are also free from PFOA and BPA or phthalates, making them eco-friendly choices.


Ensure your grill protective mat is larger than your grill to use the entire surface area. The size also determines what you can do with it, and if the size is too small, you won’t be able to protect floors from liquids spilling out. The comfort will also suffer when it’s too small because a standing position might not even be possible on such a mat.

Non-slip backing

Some mats have a non-slip texture on the mat itself. The surface prevents the mat from slipping out. This makes it easy to place the mat wherever you want during grilling. You can also easily move the mat to clean it after cooking. It is good to look for a mat with an anti-slip surface. It should be non-slippery, which will help you have a better grip.

Temperature Resistance

Any 500 F to 600 degrees Fahrenheit heat-resistant mat is the best for a BBQ grill. So always go with mats that can bear temperatures up to 500 degrees.

Flame resistant

A fire can happen when a flame falls onto the mat, and if it is not flame-resistant, this could lead to accidents. To avoid unwanted situations while practicing yoga, you should always look for a flame-resistant one.


After each use, you will need to clean your mat with soap and water because the oil will fall off when you make BBQ. The result would be a sticky mat if not cleaned after every use. It’s essential to keep it clean. Make sure that whichever mat you choose will be easy to wash in soap and water.


It is not possible to buy a new mat within a few months of use. so You have to find a durable one for years. That’s why it’s essential to consider the type of material and durability mat offers. That’s why it’s necessary to consider the type of material and durability your mat offers for you to be able to use it for many years.


Buying grill mats are effective?

You wouldn’t want to ruin your stained floor or need to get repairs done after every grilling session. Biuing a grill mat is the best way to protect your concrete patio from damage during grilling sessions. The grill mat covers a large area and absorbs all the grease, oil, or other mess on the surface of your deck protector. This will prevent it from getting onto the ground underneath. In this way, you won’t need to wash these surfaces after being cleaned.

How do grill mats help my concrete patio?

Many people will spill on the ground when grilling, but this can cause stains or scratches. A grill mat is a great way to protect your patio from spills and stains by acting as a barrier between the flooring and any spilled liquids.

Will, the Grill Pad, protect the grass under my grill?

Be careful when cooking your food outdoors on a grill because the heat can burn and discolor some of your grass. The heat can burn the grass underneath the pad from this grill if it is on a low enough level. So when you set up any grill outdoor, you have to get the grill pad first. After that, the grill should be raised a little by a brick. And the result is not directly in the upper part of the grill pad.

Is it allowed to have a grill installed on my balcony?

Gas and charcoal grills can only be used 15 feet from buildings. Electric grills are usually acceptable for balcony use but check with your property manager to confirm.

Depending on your city and state, you must be aware of various rules and regulations. You can search online for such guidelines and find out if there are specific regulations about grills on a balcony. Make sure to research the standards for your apartment complex before you start any renovations or modifications.

On the patio, where should you keep a grill?

To avoid accidents, it is advised that you maintain the grill on a clean and level surface. You should also keep the grill away from flammable materials like mulch or rubbish containers (among other things). The barbecue must also be kept at least 10 feet away from low-lying trees, branches, or hedges.

How can I keep grease off of my patio grill?

Use an under-grill mat to protect your terrace when using a barbecue. It will absorb the grease and keep it from leaking onto the ground. This way, you can prevent grilling liquids from causing any harm to your patio.

How far away from the deck should a barbecue be?

Keep your barbecue at least 10 feet from your patio for safety. At the end of grilling, please ensure not to harm your deck or floor when cleaning up! It will give you plenty of room to move around and cook safely.

Final word

It is important to pick the best grill mat for a concrete patio. So that it protects your floor from grease, oils, and liquids while grilling. But also because you want to be comfortable standing on it. Some mats even offer protection against heat and flame.

I have brought the top 10 under-grill mats with good and bad features. Here, you can compare them all before deciding as they suit your needs better. From now on, there’s no need to damage your floor after every grilling session.

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