How Long Does It Take A Grill To Cool Down

If you’ve recently purchased a new grill, you probably have a few questions about how long it takes to cool down. We’ll answer them  In this article. You will learn What cooling downtime is and how long a grill takes to cool down? 

What is the cooling downtime of a grill?

When purchasing a new grill, one of the first things you probably did was go online and look up how long it takes a grill to cool down. After all, knowing how long it takes a grill to cool down is pretty important, right? The short answer is that a charcoal or gas grill cools down isn’t a specific time. Instead, the cooling downtime of a grill is what’s called the “recovery time.” This is the time it takes for the grill to fully cool down and reach its usable temperature.

The cooling time of a grill depends on various factors.

Cooling down a grill is a process that depends on several factors, including The amount of food on the grill, The type of food being grilled, The weather (both the temperature outside and the humidity), and The grill’s condition. The grill size is all factors that influence the cooling downtime of a grill. A charcoal grill will cool down in one to two hours. A gas grill will take approximately one hour to cool down.

How to Cool Down Your Charcoal Grill

What do you do when you grill meat with a charcoal grill when it’s done? You would love for the grill to cool down as fast as possible. But then, it continues to be hot without any signs of cooling, and I start wondering how long a charcoal grill takes to cool? A typical charcoal grill will take up to 48 hours max to cool down. If you store it before this period, there could be fire hazards.

How do you cool down a grill quickly?

Here are a couple of ways to cool down your charcoal grill. 

How Long Does It Take A Grill To Cool Down

The best way is by spraying the coals with water after closing all vents to prevent oxygen from getting in and slowing down what’s happening inside the firebox. 

Another option is adding some water while stirring the coals, which will also help reduce heat. Which helps cool down the ash more quickly and eliminates any remaining embers from reigniting.

These two methods will be effective at speeding up the cooling process. I did not suggest using this method unless you need a quick fix and don’t have time to do it yourself. 

When coal burns at high temperatures, it can get up to 1000F. Pour water on them, and you will have extreme levels of steam created, and hot ash dispersed around the area. This makes the perfect recipe for severe burns because of these two ingredients. 

Pouring water on burning coals can also warp or crack your grill grates, and any coating it has is made out of porcelain. This means cracks are inevitable no matter what type it is made from!

If you cannot extinguish coals, use a bucket of water. An alternative way will be to try removing them with heatproof gloves and long tongs and dipping them in another bucket of cold water. This might help slow down their rate of combustion! Otherwise, they might continue burning and produce ashes. Put them out completely, removing them one at a time and dipping them in another bucket of cold water. This could help slow down their rate of combustion.

After you finish cooking with your grill, make sure to clean it.

To clean your grill, start by taking out the bigger mess. Sweep away any ashes leftover and grab a brush or two. Scrape off any dirt with a grilling brush dipped in some water to loosen it up. Brush down the rest of your grill . be careful around vents since build-up can create problems for future grills! Once you’ve cleaned everything off, wash anything that needed cleaning using soap and rinse thoroughly. Dry it when you’re done soaking up all the wet spots with paper towels! Now toss leftover charcoal into an ashtray, so they’re ready for next time (if there is one!) Put on coverings again, and wait until next time to fire things up again.

How to dispose of old charcoal and ash

After two days, your charcoal grill has cooled down completely. You should remove all the burned-out briquettes for disposal. With heat-resistant gloves on, scoop up some cold ash with a sheet of aluminum foil. Wrap it carefully to ensure no embers escape, and then dispose of it in an empty metal trash can. If there are any signs or sparks from where the coals were placed before burning, just sweep them up! Keep an eye out when sweeping ashes so as not to step into any hidden embers coming from where they used to be placed while still lit.

How do you cool down a gas grill?

Cooling down a gas grill is essential for safety and maintenance. If you don’t cool down your grill correctly, you risk starting a fire. Additionally, if you don’t clean your grill after each use, it will eventually rust. Here are some tips for cooling down and cleaning your gas grill:

  1.  First, turn off the gas at the tank using the valve knob. 
  2. Next, remove the food from the grates and set it aside. 
  3. If possible, remove the burner control knobs.
  4. Open the drill and Wait at least 15 minutes to cool.
  5. Then, use a stiff wire brush to scrape any food or debris from the grates. 
  6. Clean the grates with soap and a stiff brush.
  7. Heat up the burners to medium for 15 minutes.
  8. Finally, turn off the burners and allow the grill to cool completely before storing it away.

How to Cool the Grill While Cooking

There are two popular methods to cool down a grill if it gets too hot. You can cool down a grill by adjusting the air vents below it or adding water to the coals. If you close them only as far as necessary, fire needs oxygen, and this measure will reduce heat.

You can control your heat on the barbecue grill by creating different zones, like moving all the charcoal briquettes to one side. And then adding bricks for cooking surfaces at different temperatures. When cooking various types of food simultaneously there.

Can you cover a grill while it’s still hot?

Yes, Just make sure to allow the grill to cool down slightly before covering it. This will help prevent any condensation and make the grill wet. But don’t use any ordinary cover. Try to use company provide cover or company-recommended cover.

How quickly does a charcoal grill get hot?

Charcoal grills take about 30 minutes to reach the optimal cooking temperature. Meanwhile, gas grills heat up in a matter of 15 minutes.

Can I Spray Water On My Charcoal Grill?

It is not recommended to pour water on your charcoal grill, as this can cause the fire to flare up and potentially damage the grill.


After using a charcoal grill, it takes up to 48 hours before the grill has cooled down completely. After grilling, close all the vents and lid, then give it enough time for cooling.

We recommend not spraying or pouring water over the coals when they are still hot, as this can cause scalding steam or even crack your barbecue grill- be careful! Once your grill has cooled down, remove any leftover coal and ash inside with a brush before storing it away in readiness for subsequent use.