How to Setup Your Electric Smoker

​Struggling to setup your electric smoker? Look no further!

Electric smoker categorizations

The major categorization of the types of smokers is determined by the kind of fuel used to burn for smoking. The four most known types of smokers are propane, pellet, charcoal, and electric. Out of all the four types, electric smokers are the most convenient. You can just set it up and leave it be until your food has cooked and is ready to serve; you do not have to spend long hours in front of your smoker so that you can monitor the process.

The process

Time needed: 1 hour

  1. Determine the type of electric smoker you have

    Before setting up your electric smoker, the first thing to note is what type of electric smoker you own, as electric smokers come in different types, and each type has a different setup and operating procedures. You either have the cylindrically-shaped standing water electric smoker or the cabinet-style electric smoker. You can refer to the manufacturers’ guidelines about the type of smoker you have and closely study its specific operating instructions

  2. Season or cure your new electric smoker

    If you are using your electric smoker for the first time, then it has to undergo seasoning first before you should use it. This is to ensure the removal of odours, dust, machine oils, and other elements, which may exist after the manufacturing process. In most cases, seasoning, or curing, involves coating the inside surfaces with cooking oil, then turning the smoker on and let it operate for at least two hours so that the solvents will be burnt off. Every best electric smoker under $200 comes with specific instructions for seasoning, so be sure to follow them accurately

  3. Prep your food beforehand

    The ingredients for seasoning all depend on your preferences. You can have your food seasoned with dry rubs such as sugar, salt, and herbs or have it drenched in an acidic marinade. It is best to marinate your food overnight, allowing the seasonings to be absorbed deeply into the food, naturally resulting in a more flavorful smoked food

  4. Setup your electric smoker

    Each type of electric smoker has different instruction manuals for actual use. Study the manual of the specific electric smoker you have. All the same, here are some tips for your electric smoker setup:

    Position your electric smoker outdoor in a safe place without any flammable materials nearby and away from the wind.

    If you intend to use the water pan, fill it up with more than half-full of hot water. You can also use liquids such as water with seasonings, beer, wine, soda pop, or apple juice to add flavour.

    Plug the cord directly into an electrical outlet; avoid using extension cords if in any way possible.

    Do not crowd the wood chips into the tray as it may cause black smoke. You can soak the woods chips with water, but they also smoke great when dry.• Learn the ideal cooking temperature range for the type of food you are cooking.• Place your food in only when the correct temperature range is obtained.When using electric smokers for cookout occasions, you spend less time cooking and more time with everyone around without compromising your delicious food treat. Have fun with your delicious smoky cuisine!