Will a Grill Fit in my SUV? Transport Your Grill Safely and Easily

Grilling is the most pleasing way to enjoy summer, particularly when warm and sunny days. You may want to take your family or friends outdoor camping and cook up some tasty burgers or steaks in pleasant and sunny weather. But people generally are confused about will a grill fit in my SUV or my Car. However, most cars aren’t equipped with a built-in barbecue or storage for an outdoor grill. That means that when it’s time to go on a road trip, there might be some challenges in bringing your trusty barbecue companion along.

Will a Grill Fit in my SUV

If you have an SUV, that may seem like bad news. After all, this type of Car is usually not considered family-friendly or accommodating to large pieces of outdoor equipment. But many different types of SUVs are available today, and almost all of them can accommodate at least one small piece of outdoor equipment, such as an outdoor barbeque.

So, it is possible will a Grill fit in my SUV?

An SUV is bigger than a regular sedan. You can get more space inside your SUV. than a sedan. A small-sized grill can fit comfortably. But it will depend on the grill size and the SUV space. The average standard grill size is 34 and 40 inches in height. An SUV’s interior is 60 to 72 inches wide on average. Furthermore, the SUV’s higher roof creates more roominess inside. By folding the rear seats, you can maximize the cabin space. 

What to look about before buying a grill

If you’re thinking of buying a grill. But are you unsure if it will a Grill fit in my SUV ? You can do a few things to determine the size and type of grill best for you.

There are various barbeques to select from, ranging from small to Large. These barbeques are usually no more than two feet wide and can be easily carried in one hand. If you’re looking for a barbeque that will be easy to Transport and store, a small portable barbeque might be the best option.

You want to prepare more meals at one time. You’ll need to choose a more extensive barbeque. Their size can be 3 or 4 feet wide, and may need propane tanks. Those types are barbeques need ample space to transport. And it’s not easy to transport. 

How to measure the space in your Car for a grill 

Will a Grill Fit in my car

Once you’ve decided on the grill size, the next step is to measure the space available in your Car. Measure the length and width of your trunk or back seat to see how much space you have to work with. Remember that you’ll need to leave enough room for the grill’s lid to open, so factor that into your measurements.

If you’re unsure what size grill will fit in your Suv.

The next step will be to check the manufacturer’s website for sizing information. Most manufacturers will have sizing charts or diagrams showing. From here, you can easily calculate how much space barbeques will take. Next, You can measure the grill before buying it to ensure it will fit in your vehicle.

Which type of grill do you want?

Choosing the right grill is crucial, as several are to select from.

Charcoal grill:-

The most common type of barbeque is a charcoal grill, which can be used for grilling and smoking meats. Some of the charcoal grills come with Folding legs. It’s a fantastic way to transport. If your grill doesn’t have folding legs, you can lift it and carry it to your new location. You must ensure it is clean and cool before packing it up. You can use a large tarp or cardboard to protect it from dirt and debris.

Propane Grills:-

They are very light, cheap and efficient. They can be a better choice than charcoal or electric. When you need to move your barbeques every time you go out. You can also use gas-powered propane grills for cooking almost everything inside your Car. They are also smaller than most other grilling equipment and are easier to store in the trunk of your Car. Propane fuel is also lightweight and will not weigh down your vehicle.

When transporting propane barbeques by Car. Keeping the grill level and upright is essential to prevent damage to the bottom. Ensure that your barbeques stay in place during Transport. You can use a gas stabilizer (like Grill Stabilizer) or place a gas stabilizing weight on the grill.

Electric Grills:-

Electric Grills is lightweight and portable to take on your next trip. Also, it doesn’t require propane. So there is less chance of accidentally spilling gas on yourself or starting a fire.

Kamado Grills:-

When you are transporting your grill with your vehicle, Kamado Grills is another decent choice. An 18 x 18-inch base is the starting point for its measurements, weighing about 90 pounds.

Car grills:-

Car grills are perfect for outdoor cooking. Whether you’re tailgating, camping, or just hanging out in the backyard, having a portable barbeque can be a real timesaver. The car grill has some drawbacks to using it. First, they’re usually pretty small. Second, they’re generally awkward to use while you’re driving. Finally, they have limited space for storing food.

Gas grill:-

Loading and unloading a gas grill from a car or SUV is tough. Also, gas grills are very expensive. Any damage done would be very costly and painful for anyone. 

Disclaimer: Before You Transport Your Grill safely

Will a Grill Fit in my SUV
  • First, ensure you’ve turned it off and let it cool completely. You don’t want to transport a hot grills, which could cause a fire.
  • Grills can be large and bulky, so it’s important to transport them safely to avoid accidents or damage. 
  • If you’re using a gas grills, ensure the tank is turned off and disconnected before loading it into your Car.
  • Secure the grills in the trunk or back of your vehicle with straps or rope. It won’t move about while you’re traveling if you do this.
  • Cover the grill with a sheet or blanket from the elements.
  • Before you transport your barbeques, make sure you clean them thoroughly. Don’t leave it messy. 
  • It’s against the law to put explosives or combustible materials on a commercial vehicle. Make sure you remove all fuel.


Can I lay down a grill to transport?

The best way to transport a grill is by standing it up on its side or end. This will prevent tipping over and damage. It’s not advisable to move barbecue grills by laying it down.

Can you put a grill in an SUV?

You can put a barbecue in an SUV, although finding one that meets your needs shouldn’t be difficultFinding the proper barbecue isn’t tricky. But, you must ensure that your barbecue matches your particular SUV model.


Now you know the answer to will a grill fit in my SUV. And you’re ready to fire up your grill and cook some tasty food.

However, before you do, take a few minutes to think about what type of barbecue best suits your needs. And don’t forget to clean and oil it before using it. You want to ensure it’s working correctly and has no issues.

You also want to ensure enough room in the SUV for your barbecue. 

If you want to transport your grill in the trunk of your Car, make sure you have extra room in your trunk. You can also place it in the backseat to give it more room. However, you’ll need to remove the rear seats. It’s also possible to place the barbecue on the passenger’s seat but ensure enough clearance on the sides and back of the seat. Finally, make sure you’re able to close the hatchback door.

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