How to Setup Your Electric Smoker

​Struggling to setup your electric smoker? Look no further! Electric smoker categorizations The major categorization of the types of smokers is determined by the kind of fuel used to burn for smoking. The four most known types of smokers are propane, pellet, charcoal, and electric. Out of all the four types, electric smokers are the … Read more

How To Build An Outdoor Fireplace Grill

An outdoor grill fireplace delivers both sophistication and functionality to backyards. If you love outdoor parties and cookout picnics, there is no way you are not having one in your backyard. But big quenches is How To Build An Outdoor Fireplace Grill.  ​However, building a fireplace comes with comprehensive planning, unrelenting effort, and sufficient finance. … Read more

How to Make Barbecue Rub

​ A good barbecue starts with a good barbecue rub. The ingredients of your spice rub are the ones liable for the flavor surprises of your barbecue. And there are enough ingredients you can choose from and experiment with.  For your barbecue spice rub, there are three sets of ingredients to note. 1. Salt and … Read more