Pit Boss 700FB Review – Best Wood Pellet Smoker Grill of 2022

The Pit Boss 700FB is one of the most impressive pellet smoker grills out there today. It has a generous cooking space, and it offers excellent value for money at a reasonable price. This grill has superb temperature settings and a standard flame broiler option. It comes with 700 square inches of cooking surface, ideal for large families. Those who wish to get decent results even though they don’t have a great deal of experience with grilling will appreciate this Pit Boss 700FB review.

Pit Boss 700FB Review and Key features

The Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill is built to deliver solid results to users. It’s as valuable as adaptable, making it a great addition to any home. It has a lot of cooking room and satisfactory build quality to please newcomers and experienced grilles.

With a grilling space of 700 square inches, you have a lot of options when it comes to the pellets you may use with this grill. All you have to do to operate the Pit Boss 700FB is load the hopper, set the desired temperature, and leave the rest to the grill to perform.

This is indeed a grill that doesn’t need a great deal of skill to use, and it enables you to obtain fantastic results without having to spend a long time hovering over it in fear of your Pit Boss brisket cooking too fast. It also comes with several safety features, making it an excellent option for families. This Pit Boss 700FB review will help you decide whether this pellet grill is suitable for your needs.

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General Performance

Based on its size, this Pit Boss 700FB can easily fit stacks of ribs, multiple chickens, and an entire brisket, and it can produce high-quality barbecue exactly like a conventional model. Furthermore, because the top rack is easy to remove, you can even put a turkey within. This grill would also be an excellent option for preparing pizza because it can achieve over 500℉. Simply insert a pizza stone inside, and then let it absorb the heat.

The Pit Boss 700FB has a fan-assisted recirculating pump that ensures equal cooking results no matter what you cook in it. There’s a flame broiler accessible for open flame searing, and the smoker’s hood has an installed thermometer that lets you know what’s going on quickly.

This grill is simple to set up and forget about, and you can watch how it’s doing from afar. This grill’s built-in thermometer makes it simple to measure the temperature, giving you a lot of control when it comes to cooking different sorts of food. So that the cooking process isn’t disrupted, you may check the temperature without taking the lid.

Pit Boss 700FB Review

Safety features

Since this grill comes with an electric ignition fire starter, you won’t have to use any other source to get the flames going. You shouldn’t have to worry about messing with the temperature during the cooling process because the digital control center does it for you, and once you’re finished cooking, the grill safely cools down. Because of the feature of automatic flare protection, the possibility of accidental burning is essentially non-existent.

Ease of use

Even for someone who has never used a pellet grill, this Pit Boss 700 one is simple to build and set up for the first time. Fill the hopper with pellets, then switch on the grill, regulating the temperature to the desired level when fully installed according to the instructions.

You may set the controls on a timer and forget about the grill because it will do all the work for you. Many people compare it to a slow cooker because you set things up and leave till it’s time to eat. The grill does not need to be covered, making it extremely simple to use for all cooks.

Portability (dimensions and weight)

The 134.48-pound weight of this barbecue does not make it the most portable pellet grill on the market. Its lack of movement is mitigated by its having two wheels that make it easier to move from one location to another. Still, they do not revolve or pivot, reducing their mobility.

The grill’s dimensions are 41.29 x 43.77 x 26.65 inches, making it ideal for almost any backyard.

Surface cooking area and temperature

This Pit Boss 700FB review ensures that the surface cooking area is one of the biggest we’ve seen from a pellet grill, at 700 square inches or 27 inches by 19 inches. As a result, it’s useful for a wide variety of dishes, from prawns to pie. The top rack can also be used as a warming or supplementary rack, giving you more space for family functions.

If you wish to remove the rack entirely to create room for anything large and tall, such as a turkey, you can easily do so. In terms of temperature, the Pit Boss pellet offers a range of 180 to 500 ℉. Because of the 8-in-1 grilling option, you can also cook precisely as you want it.


Wood pellets, the preferred fuel for most Pit Boss 700b grills, are used in the Pit Boss 700FB. I’m talking about 20 pounds in total. You can place a lot of pellets in the hopper, so you won’t have to reload it as often as you used to.

However, you must not overfill the hopper with food. Using this grill, you may use a variety of pellets, and most of the options on the market will work well. If you wish to utilize different types, you must first burn the pellets you filled the hopper with.


The Pit Boss 700FB’s cast-iron grids are porcelain-coated, allowing the heat to be dispersed more evenly while the food is cooked. Furthermore, the grids’ porcelain covering makes the surface extraordinarily rust-resistant and long-lasting. After you’ve finished cooking, the grids are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain.


The Pit Boss 700FB’s 40,000 BTU capacity should be enough to simultaneously cook a massive amount of food. Considering the grill’s large surface area and greater BTUs, it is more efficient than inexpensive ones.

Ease of Setup

this griller is very easy to set if you read pit boss 700fb manual you set its up with few hrs


The Pit Boss 700 FB pellet grill comes with a one-year limited guarantee covering both the electrical system and the components. The warranty does not cover the gasket, probe, grill cover, burn pot, or paint, so bear that in mind.

Temperature Control

This grill features a digital thermometer and a temperature range of 180 to 500 ℉, making it an excellent value for money. All you have to do now is load the hopper and adjust the temperature to your liking. The LCD control board for the digitally controlled burn system is straightforward to use and provides you a very exact command on the temperature and immediate heat output.

The grill offers something to suit their needs for both beginners and seasoned grillers because it is so simple to use. It includes an electric ignition that makes it uncomplicated to ignite the wood pellets Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s enormous enough to feed a large family. Anyone may use the brand’s grills because they are simple to use.

Cleanup Features

It doesn’t matter how efficient a grill is; if it’s too complicated and time-consuming to clean, the issue of its cleanliness becomes an issue. If you’re looking for a great pellet smoker that provides easy work of cleaning up, come check out its boss pellet grill.

The recyclable drippings cup, which you can quickly drain, makes cleaning the grill a breeze. The grates must also be scrubbed down, and because of the porcelain covering, this is also extremely simple. Keep an eye out for the broiler’s sliding plate, which has to be cleaned as well.

Pit Boss 700FB Price

Wood pellet grill may cost more than charcoal or gas, but they also have other advantages: better heat control, even heating, and better flavor quality! The Pit Boss wood pellet grill is an excellent value. It boasts a wide range of capabilities and features that will prove to be a great value at a reasonable price.

The 700FB also matches up well in heat capacity and durability to its gas/charcoal competitors. Not only does this mean you’ll have your grill around for many family backyard barbecues to come; it means that those who want an added level of convenience from their barbecue will always know where they can find one nearby!

What I like in Pit Boss 700FB Review

  • BUILD QUALITY – The grill appears to be made of higher-strength steel. We can hope for a long-lasting grill with a few parts to replace.
  • SEARING ZONE – This function offers a steak a great sear! You are wrong if you believe a pellet smoker grill can’t sear a steak. This really can, and it does so very well, especially for searing steaks on pellet grill! At times, it may be a little too well.
  • COOKING AREA – There is more than enough cooking area on the grill. The 700 square inch grill surface is suitably big for cooking burgers or smoking briskets.
  • PORCELAIN COAT ON CAST IRON GRILL GRATES – The nonstick nature of these cooking grates makes them easy to clean. All that is required is a little brushing.
  • Construction that is well-built and designed
  • comes with innovative flame broiler
  • Even for beginners, it’s simple to use
  • Control panel with LCD
  • Optional 8-in-1 grill
  • Automatic temperature regulation

What I don’t like in Pit Boss 700FB Review

  • LID HANDLE – The lid’s handle could be pushed a little further out of the way. Your wrist may come into contact with the scorching cover a couple of times while opening the grill all the way because the top opens so widely.
  • SECOND TIER ROCK POSITION – It’s a little tough to cook what’s underneath it because of how it’s placed. Unlike rival models, the upper rack appears to be positioned even farther back, making it easier to get to the cooking area beneath the rack.
  • Pellets can block the system, but it rarely happens.


The Pit Boss 700FB accomplishes all of this and more, including direct heat grilling if you’re searching for a high-quality pellet barbecue that you can enjoy for smoking and baking.

This is among the few pellet grills that arrive with a broiler built-in on the marketplace. The Pit Boss 700FB is a pleasure to use and very uncomplicated to manage and sanitize, making it ideal for individuals who enjoy natural smoking and those searching for a flexible grill that will last for years.


I will be honest when I review Pit Boss 700FB , in my opinion. But, if you are looking for an alternative option instead of this grill review. I have included the best 3 alternatives to Pit Boss 700 FB pellet grill below.

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# 1. Z GRILLS ZPG-450A Pellet Grill

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The Z Grills 8-in-1 grill ranges from 180° to 450° F and includes bbq, bake, roast, braise. It boasts an elegant design and includes features like auto temperature control and six different grilling modes to satisfy all tastes! Smoke. Grill. Sear and charcoal grilling for incredible hardwood flavor.

The Pelle Grill’s technology is easy to get the flavors of smoking with less work than using gas or charcoal. Once you set the temperature on Z Grills’ pellet grills, it does all the job for you while still giving you consistent results every time!

Z Grills vs. Pit- Boss

  • Dimensions— 45 x 28 x 49 inches vs. 24.8 x 22.05 x 43.11 inches
  • Technology— Z Grills
  • Grilling area – 452 sq Vs. 700 sq
  • Fuel Type – Electric, Liquefied Petroleum Gas vs. Wood, Natural Gas
  • Item Weight – 84 Lbs vs. 117.95 Lbs
  • Temperature — 180° to 450° F vs. 170° F to 600° F
  • Building—Z Grills
  • Warranty—Pit Boss
  • Price—Z Grills Price less

# 2. Traeger Grills Tailgater 20

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The Traeger Grills Tailgater 20 has a powerful yet quiet motor that seamlessly cooks meat and vegetables for 12 hours. It also comes with two cooking racks, allowing you to prepare twice as much food at once! The grill’s foldable legs make transporting it a breeze from one function to the next.

Traeger created the ultimate way to achieve wood-fired taste, and now they’re giving you a portable grill that can go with you anywhere. The Tailgater has precision temperature control, creating easy meals with any protein.

It’s compatible with up to 12 burgers or 3 racks of ribs at once! You’ll have a 180-450 ° F heat range! This grill folds into an EZ pack, making traveling easier.

Traeger Grills vs. Pit Boss

  • Dimensions— 37 x 18 x 36 inches vs. 24.8 x 22.05 x 43.11 inches
  • Technology— Pit Boss
  • Cooking Surface – 300 sq Vs. 700 sq
  • Item Weight – 62 Lbs vs. 117.95 Lbs
  • Temperature — 180- 450° F vs. 170° F to 600° F
  • Building— Pit Boss
  • Warranty— Pit Boss
  • Price— Pit Boss Price less

# 3. Camp Chef SmokePro

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This pellet grill is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the taste of smoked meat but doesn’t have time to fuss with charcoal or gas grills. With an automated pellet auger that dispenses pellets. when appropriate and shuts down after dispensing. this unit will ensure you can spend more time indoors around family while still achieving a smoky grilled flavor on your food.

The clean-out ash can ensure cleanup is easy, so you’ll be able to get back outside quickly. This model has a large capacity 18-pound hopper which means less filling and more smoking!

You’ll also love how it’s 573 sq in of cooking space plus 6″x24″ warming rack area for making hot dogs at the same time as hamburgers. total surface area covers over 500 sq inches! It weighs 140 pounds without any fuel too!

Traeger Grills vs. Pit Boss

  • Dimensions— 45 x 21 x 51 inches vs. 24.8 x 22.05 x 43.11 inches
  • Cooking Surface – 573 sq Vs. 700 sq
  • Item Weight – 140 Lbs vs. 117.95 Lbs
  • Temperature — 160- 500° F vs. 170° F to 600° F
  • Building— Camp Chef
  • Warranty— Pit Boss
  • Price— Pit Boss Price less


Is Pit Boss a good barbecue?

The Pit Boss Grills Company is a company that specializes in pellet grills, making it the best place to buy one. They offer their products at affordable prices and have an excellent cooking experience. Unmatched by any other grill on the market. The customer service they provide ensures you’ll be more than satisfied with your buy for years to come.

How long does a 20lb bag of pellets last you on average?

In a 20 lb bag of Traeger pellets, you will get anywhere from 6-20 hours worth of smoke, depending on the settings.