How To Shut Down A Pit Boss Pellet Grill

​If you are a new user of pellet grills, you may wonder ​how to properly shut down a pit boss pellet grill. Pellet-style grills are smokers who use crushed wood logs to maintain heat and cook food. They are gaining popularity due to its simplicity. Pellet grills have become the favorite cooking technique for many people. Who like basic smoked meals, opening up the barbecue to a broader audience. As a result, many people realize that this grill is the most versatile choice available. Capable of smoking anything from slow-cooked steaks to whole racks of ribs or brisket in as little as an hour or two, liable on the model. Read more on how to shut down a pit boss pellet grill straightforwardly.

To work correctly, a pellet smoker must allow air to reach the wood and supply the appropriate moisture for the wood pellets to burn. The smoking procedure takes longer than conventional preparation methods due to the extended smoking duration. Many people think that using a pellet smoker is a preferable alternative to other smoking methods for entertaining.

how to shut down a pit boss pellet grill

It allows guests to spend more time enjoying their food. Rather than worrying about how long the meat will take to cook. Due to the length of time required, it is often more practical and easier to use a smoker than an oven or a more advanced way of smoking to prevent your Pit Boss brisket from cooking too fast.

Unless you own a Pit Boss, this article will show you ​how to shut down a pit boss pellet grill. Additionally, information on the most popular pellet grill manufacturers is given and advice on when to switch off the grills.

Time needed: 2 hours

How to shut down a Pit Boss pellet grill

  1. Take the meal off the Pit Boss grill

    Once the meat thermometer has been used, it is time to remove it. Allow the grilled food to cool inside while you finish the process of shutting down

  2. Increase the temperature dial to its maximum level

    Adjust the temperature dial on the Pit Boss Grill to the highest setting. This is known as the burn-off technique, and it is necessary after each cooking session. The maximum setting on the Pit Boss Pro 820 is 500° F (260° C)

    It is irrelevant if you omit the burn-off operation once or many times. It is vital to establish the burn-off approach as a habit.

    Pit Boss suggests maintaining the grill’s maximum temperature for no more than five minutes. Allow ten minutes for burn-off if using greasy things such as bacon. Using this technique may significantly reduce the likelihood of your grill catching fire.

    Set the alarm on your phone and continue cooking the grill on high for an additional five minutes after the alarm goes off. You may return inside and begin cooking your supper following this period.

  3. Completely depress the temperature dial to the left

    Now you must turn off this temperature grill. There isn’t any need to turn off the power button since the fan will continue to run. The burn-off operation will be done promptly only after the warning starts.

    It is critical to turn off the power while the fan is running.

  4. Allow the grill to cool down

    You may now change the grill temperature by raising or lowering the cover. Because lifting the Lid helps the grill to cool faster. It will take 20 to 30 minutes to cool down, depending on the temperature.

    Enjoy your smoked food when it is still warm from the oven. This allows you to enjoy your cuisine while the grill is still hot and completely cool the grill.

  5. Set power button to “off”

    Allow enough time for the grill to cool down after finishing grilling. So that the shut-off process is also done. Turn off the fan once the grill has cooled for at least 30 minutes.

    Due to the continued connection of the grill to the electrical socket, the power button will stay lighted in light blue. When you turn off the power, the blue light will dim, but it can turn on by pressing the power button again.

  6. Turn off the power supply

    Extending any extension cords or detaching the grill from the electrical outlet is required. The Pit Boss power cord is about 6/12 feet long and is used to run the equipment. The vast majority of individuals will use an electric wire.

    Complete the installation by attaching the Pit Boss power wire to the back of your grill. Please ensure that the wire is securely attached to prevent it from dangling when you move the grill. You may carefully wrap the extension cable to keep it ready for use the next time necessary.

  7. Cover the lid

    Covers are critical for protecting your Pit Boss grill from the elements and avoiding rust. Additionally, they serve as a protective barrier for the pellets. Closing the grill’s Lid and lowering the front shelf entirely encloses it.

  8. Store the grill

    Store the grill in a dry location. If required, use its handle to move the grill to its storage location. Keep the barbecue in a garage or other covered building if possible.

    There are a few safety precautions to keep in mind when using a pellet grill or a wood-burning stove. From the time you get your pit until you care for your pet, you should take all essential steps to ensure your safety and enjoyment of the pit’s features. It would be helpful to master the art of effectively shutting down a pit boss.


It is equally critical to correctly turn off the Pit Boss grill to cook the meat to the appropriate internal temperature on the grill.

It will be easy to understand your grill’s shutdown cycle, and you will be able to follow it once you have. All that’s left to do is decide how to spice your meat and vegetables!

​This guide should list all the steps involved in shutting down a pit boss pellet grill. Following these instructions, you can easily shut down any pit boss pellet grill and vary it using different temperature settings.