Rec Tec vs Yoder

You might be wondering what a difference between the Rec Tec vs Yoder pellet grill is? It’s essential to check out their features and see which brand gives more bang for your buck!

We’ll compare two brands in Rec-Tec Vs Yoder to provide a fair comparison. I will help you pick the right WiFi pellet grill for you.

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Comparing The Best Pellet Grills Rec Tec vs Yoder

Rec Tec RT-700 Pellet GrillYoder YS640 Pellet Grill
Rec tec RT 700 grillYoder YS640 pellet grill
BrandREC TEC grillsYoder
Item weight200 pounds335 pounds
Temperature200° – 500°F
94° – 260°C
150° – 600° F
65° – 315° C
Warranty6 years10 years
Wi-Fi enabled?YesYes
Amazon prime?YesNo
Our rating4.5 / 54 / 5
Amazon listingCheck price today

About Rec Tec

Rec-Tec is a household name for beginner grillers and pitmasters. Who wants to buy an efficient primary cooking chamber. That will give them consistent meals. Founded by Ray Carnes and Ron Cundy in 2009, Rec-Tec Grills are a pioneer manufacturer of pellet grills providing outstanding products and customer service since they opened their doors.

They saw a need to create the grill of their dreams, which led them to establish Rec-Tec.

rec tec vs yoder

Their flagship model can be found in their line-up, and it’s equipped with custom PID algorithms. that determine how much heat needs to be produced for consistent meals every time you cook your food. They also offer wood pellet grills for those who want to stick with natural products without sacrificing efficiency and versatility.

The technology integrated with the Rec-Tec grills makes them a superior option for buying a grill. Their smart grill comes with the latest technology like WiFi connectivity. So, you are making it possible for you to manage the temperature of your meals from any location. Furthermore, they offer different modes. That lets you cook various meals depending on what dish you are preparing. Such as baking or roasting. Despite their small cooking space compared to other brands. They remain superior due to their lighter weight and portability.

About Yoder

Yoder smokers have been building commercial grills since 2009. and is now well-known in this industry. Their stainless steel cooking chambers are known for their durability and stylishness.

The large cooking room on Yoder grills means they can perform extensive grilling and even act as best pellet grill for searing. Yoder smoker also offers three different types of grill grates, which give users the ability to control temperatures ranging from 150-600 degrees. The grate on the grill is fantastic! As well as making sear marks on the meat.

Rec tec’s PID Algorithm and WIFI controller are already amazing. However, credit must be given where credit is due. Yoder’s in-house technical team developed their proprietary software for their controllers.

The customizable functions of Yoder digital controller software are well-known. It integrates variable displacement dampers. This allows the smokebox equipped in their griller to move left or right- making Yoder grills flexible. As a result, users can easily direct the heat in the desired direction. And prevent grease and rust accumulation with unintentional spills of condiments used in cooking. That could protect your grill from unexpected possibilities.

What’s the difference between Rec Tec vs Yoder

Before making your pick, you should know a few significant differences between Rec-Tec and Yoder. This chart is here to help out!

Why pellet grills?

There are a few reasons why pellets provide so much more advantages than charcoal. For starters, they taste better! Second, they are a far more efficient fuel source, and it’s a safe guess that you’ll burn roughly one pound of them of pellets per hour when using them in your grill. That is very helpful for timing purposes .because it lets you know exactly how many pieces of wood or briquettes you need when cooking, which could take hours on end.

Pellet griller is known for maintaining an even temperature. This isn’t always the case with fewer quality grills like regular charcoal ones. where surface heat may not exist at all.

Pellet grills and smokers are also more efficient. Because they uniformly distribute pellets into the fire instead of a charcoal barbecue when fuel is squandered. They provide a superior end product than charcoal, which is beneficial to individuals who require consistent and reliable outcomes.

Comparing The Best Pellet Grills Rec Tec RT-700 vs. Yoder Ys640

The following is a pellet grill review. which will provide you with some valuable information about this type of smoker. The most important thing to know about these grills is that they are all wood-burning smokers. and, as such, can produce an incredible smoky flavor in your food.

Rec Tec RT-700

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The Rec-Tec RT-700 has some adorable features and high build quality. It was mainly considering the price. Suppose you compare this grill to others like Yoder or Weber. You’ll quickly notice how much affordable this one is.

The Rec Tec price tag makes for a very pretty penny-pincher, especially when you compare the costs between this grill and that of Yoder.

This cooking chamber is composed of stainless steel, so there’s no risk of color fading or flaking. Which also serves as the controller shelf. There is an easy handle for opening and closing. It also has a spill-proof bucket hook, a pull bar handle on one side, and a bottom shelf for storage and stability. It comes with four rollerblade-style wheels for movement and lockable casters for peace!

Rec Tec RT-700 has the technology to allow grills without controlling their temperature. It is not only capable of grilling or smoking but searing, roasting, broiling, and baking as well. It has two meat probes for monitoring two cooking racks simultaneously and maintaining perfect temperatures from 200°F – 500°F (93°C – 260˚C) With a Smart Grill controller.

The oven retains its precise temperatures with a PID algorithm. The appliance can be controlled through your smartphone and will shut off automatically. WiFi is available on the Rec-Tec. So that you can use their free smartphone app to keep track of your entire cooking.

This cooking chamber is composed of stainless steel, so there’s no risk of color fading or flaking. It has two horn-shaped handles that are iconic micro-polished to make opening and closing easy. It also features a heavy-duty four-layer nonstick coating. That makes it easier to clean the inside and grill any meat you want without having to worry about dripping grease everywhere on your grill. The design can reach temperatures up to 500°F.

This Rec Tec pellet grill has a lot of cool features.

You can find roller blade-style four wheels that make mobility more accessible. The spill-proof bucket hook on top of it. And storage in addition to stability with a pull bar handle at one side for opening or closing the lid. This is where you will find the controller shelf; handles are present when needed!

Rec-Tec RT-700 is one of the most reliable cooking machines on the market. It has 1054 sq inches of cooking area capable enough to cook more than one turkey, two chicken, or six large ribs at a time.

This grill lasts 40+ hours with its hopper capacity that holds up 40lbs worth of pellets all day long. The power output ranges from about 1000W – 1900W, so there’s no worry if it won’t be able to meet your needs! The stainless steel rods for grilling are easy to remove and clean, which helps you save your precious time.

The pellet grill comes with a 6-year warranty and excellent customer service. It is light and portable, weighing roughly 200 pounds.


  • Affordable
  • Shipping is free.
  • Full stainless steel cook box with
  • a 6-year warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • WiFi temperature range monitoring
  • larger hopper capacity and two dual temp probes
  • Grills, bakes, sears, and dehydrates are all options.


  • It wasn’t totally made in the United States.
  • This isn’t a grill for competitions.
  • Smaller cooking surface
  • Steel that is a little thinner

Yoder YS640

One should not make the mistake that Yoder makes about inferior smokers. They are a trusted company for good reason. The Rec-Tec vs. Yoder debate focuses on the grill’s quality and how much you want to pay for one of these grillers. You’ll need to decide where value is most important for you, but keep in mind that your money won’t go as far with this grill.

If it’s barbecue competitions, then rec tec may be worth its price tag because they last forever!

The Yoder has a range of 150-600 °F.

It features a digital control system and WiFi remote access, just like the RT-700. It uses an easy-to-use New Ceramic Ignition System and Griller ACS . which help you set the precise temperature levels from low at 150°F to high at 600 °F. You can customize your grilling grate by using heavier Aluminium ones, allowing you to reach even higher temperatures, like 700°F if needed! It can sear steak at 700°F or smoke it for 12 hours at 250°F.

You can make all this happen with their mobile app., which also provides recipes and innovative programs based on your preferences.

This is not a portable grill to carry when camping, which might be a problem if that’s what you need! The heavy-duty steel cooking chamber of the pellet grill makes it durable. At the same time, the 14 gauge stainless steel hopper provides it with durability. It weighs about 335 pounds, compared to 195 pounds for the RT-700.

The Yoder- YS640 grill is a big-sized grill that accommodates large turkeys and chickens. It also has similar features to Rec Tec but less hopper capacity. The cooking chamber of the grill is 12 inches tall which can fit these proportions.

While still easy to clean, it near about the same size as RT-700. You also get a 10-year warranty. At the same time, customer service will not disappoint you either due to its excellent performance.


  • Steel with a thicker gauge
  • The standard of the competition
  • Larger cooking capacity
  • Made in the USA
  • Software for custom controllers


  • costly
  • Uncertainty about the warranty
  • Hopper with a smaller capacity
  • Rather than stainless steel, it is painted.
  • There are no temperature control probes provided, and there is no WiFi controller.
  • There are a lot of extras to buy, so add $250 for delivery.

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Rec Tec RT- 590

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Rec-Tec RT-590 is another high-quality product from Rec-Tec. The Rec-Tec RT-590 has all the features to ensure you are grilling like a pro. This grill can connect to WiFi so that you can monitor the grilling process remotely. It also has an ample cooking space, accommodating up to five racks of food.

This gas grill is built with stainless steel, and it does not deteriorate or discolor when in contact with food ingredients. It has a drip tray and bucket that catch any residue. The portable pellets are heated up to 300°F.

This high-temperature RTV caulk is the perfect choice for use in both new and existing homes. The RT-590 heats to the desired temperature and comes with integrated heat vents. That allows it to operate at lower temperature control for more extended periods.

RT-590 is a gas-powered barbecue grill with features like enough cooking area to cook for your whole family at once. The RT-590 has a 30lb capacity, which means you’ll have plenty of room to cook continuously. The cooking room is 592 sq inches, and it also features an optional second shelf that spans 772 sq inches. This means it’s suitable for many turkeys at once! All components come with a 4-year warranty to ensure quality!

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Yoder YS480s Grill Reviews

The Yoder- YS480s Grill is another excellent product from Yoder. The Yoder YS480s Grill is perfect for any backyard barbecue. Whether you’re cooking up burgers or an elaborate smoked brisket. The generous hopper power provides you with ample heat to cook. While the Adaptive Control System with WiFi Connectivity allows you to check meats remotely. You can adjust the grill’s temperature to suit your needs. It also has long-lasting cast-iron grates. that retains heat well enough for four-season cooking

This pellet grill maintains a consistent temperature range. It can resist any weather condition thanks to its 14-gauge steel exterior. Like other Yoder grills, the YS480 has an adaptive control system. That’s one of the reasons why YS480 can handle up to 20 pounds of pellets and cover 1070 square inches in cooking space when it weighs only 277 pounds!

You can use the Yoder- YS480s Grill for low and slow barbecue cooking or quickly cooking steaks. The grill has wheels that allow it to be easily moved through firm surfaces, and a ledge on the right side acts as a handle for carrying the barbecue across turf or uneven surfaces.

Rec Tec Vs Yoder Final Verdict

For our money, there’s no question. The Rec-Tec is, of course, the better value here. However, the Yoder may offer thicker steel. Its features just can’t compare to what’s provided by the Rec-Tec. For most consumers and that might be enough justification. This grill has more tricks up its sleeve than one would expect from a product of this price tag!

The WiFi controller on Bull products is incredible for monitoring your cooking progress. They don’t make you buy extra features or pay extra for anything. which feels like it should be standard but isn’t with other brands, in my opinion.

Rec Tec customer service doesn’t disappoint either. Their warranty packet includes no lengthy disclaimers about different parts. As a result, there’s no need to be worried about warranty disputes. They are ready to stand by their product when you have a problem. If you have any more queries about our rec tec vs Yoder comparison, please contact us. 


Is Yoder better than Rec Tec?

It was challenging to compare two brands of grills. But, we made every effort to direct you on the appropriate route. Yoder and Rec Tec are outstanding manufacturers with a wide range of grills suitable for any cookout or barbecue. But, if pressed for a favorite, we would say Rec-Tec is better than Yoder. However, they both do a terrific job!

But Yoder pellet smokers are not suitable for everyone. Who takes part in grilling competitions or buys them for commercial use. They do indeed have good features. But they’re pretty expensive and only extended to severe grillers.

Is a Yoder worth the money?

The quality of the accessories is an excellent reason to buy this grill. It may cost more than some other brands, but you get what you pay for when buying this product! The grates and body are made out of high-quality material, making them more durable in the long run.