10 Best Wifi Pellet Grills and Smokers for Convenient Grilling Anytime

Have you ever fancied grilling food while you are still in the office? Or maybe you want to help your friends with grilling even though you live on the other side of the world. All these and more are now possible by introducing the newest grilling product that combines traditional cooking methods with advanced technologies – just go for Best WiFi Pellet Grills!

Finding the best WiFi pellet grill smoker that is suitable for you is not something you have to worry about. It comes in all shapes and sizes so you have many good options actually, making it the more preferred choice over gas or charcoal grill. You can choose the best WiFi pellet smoker according to your grilling skill level, available space, where you intend to use it, and, of course, budget.

Read on, learn, and enjoy if you are ready to choose the best wifi grill smoker among our recommendations.

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What is A WiFi Pellet Grill?

Handsome man grilling meat on a WiFi pellet grill - Best wifi pellet grills - The Barbeque Grill

A WiFi pellet grill, also known as a WiFi pellet smoker, is a piece of cooking equipment that you can use effectively to grill meat, fish, and other food products by utilizing home WiFi.

You can conveniently monitor, adjust, and check your grill settings remotely using a smartphone application. You can also regulate food temperature and other necessary components for a tasty roast, such as cooking time, setting the grill’s temperature, or meat temperatures.

Some WiFi pellets grills even have installed alarms to alert you whenever the desired food temperature setting is reached to prevent meat like brisket cooking too fast. The best WiFi pellet grill smoker offers voice control, Bluetooth, and more.

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WiFi vs Bluetooth Feature in Pellet Grills, Are They The Same?

Many people are often confused with the WiFi and Bluetooth features of pellet grills – they think they operate the same way and mean the same thing, but NO, they are not the same!

Pellet grills with Bluetooth connectivity offer a shorter, one-on-one connection between your pellet smoker and the controlling device, usually your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. You definitely cannot control your pellet grill smoker from just anywhere but only within the confines of your home, or just a short distance from the smoker.

WiFi pellet smokers on the other hand allow the pellet grills to connect directly to your WiFi router, to which your smartphone connected on the same router will be able to access the smoker’s settings. It works at a longer range and is usually more stable in connection compared to Bluetooth ones albeit at a higher price range, though it boils down to personal preference when choosing your ideal pellet grills.

Some people opt for a pellet grill with WiFi and Bluetooth to get the best of both worlds.

But just remember – Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity are not the same things!

10 Best Wifi Pellet Grills

Here are ten of the best pellet grills options for the best wifi grills currently available on the market:

#1 WiFi and Bluetooth Powered Camp Chef Pellet Grill Smoker 24 in

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This WiFi-connected smart pellet grill and smoker with a sidekick (PG14) from Camp Chef is an innovation in its line of products and one of the best bluetooth pellet smoker. It has an all-new WiFi feature and a PID controller for its grills, allowing a maintained cooking temperature in its four stainless steel meat probes or thermometers.

You can remotely adjust the grill’s temperature from 160 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for slow smoking to grilling. It also has a slide and grill technology that allows cooking with temperatures as high as 650 degrees Fahrenheit in a direct or indirect fire.

The Camp Chef grill has an extra cooking sidekick: a 14-inch system where you can add various cooking equipment like stocks pans, ovens, or other items.

This best pellet grill with WiFi has a patented feature of the Ash Cleanout system, making dumping of ashes easy after use, thus allowing a more convenient way to clean up. The stainless firebox and cast iron grill gates which create excellent marks on your meat sears.

The Camp Chef WiFi pellet grill also has high compatibility with the source of connectivity. It has a smoke level option from 1 to 10. Its weight is 162 lbs and has dimensions of 30 x 48 x 49 inches.

Easily monitor and control your grilling with the Camp Chef Connect App. You can change the grill’s temperature setting or set the timers of your grill, and you can also receive alerts should the temperature reach the preset level.


  • Versatile control due to innovative WiFi and PID features via Camp Chef app
  • Easy maintenance with patented Ash Kickin’ Cleanout system
  • Great cooking temperature range, from 160°F to 650°F
  • Variety of smoke level settings to choose from for precise grilling, from 1 to 10


  • Initial set up with the app may be a hassle but once you’re past that, the smoker’s working great

#2 Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker with Wifi

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The Traeger Grills Pro is a wood pellet grill smoker with the world’s top-selling spot. It’s great for those who need to cook for many people. The two different sizes are 575 sq ft or 780 sq ft of cooking area.

The Traeger Pellet smoker Grill and Smoker is a corded electric model. You do not have to worry about the charcoal or taking out propane gas cylinders.

This model comes with a lid on top that makes it possible to convert your grill into an improvised smoker. You can use this product to smoke, bake, BBQ, braise, and roast food.

The grill is made of high-quality stainless steel and has porcelain grates that heat evenly and are more easily cleaned than cast iron. The 575 square inches offer a lot of room for just a small family.

This model is one of the best wifi smoker pellet grills. Because it has a hopper attached to it that fills up with wood pellets. The addition of wood pellets brings a delicious smoked taste to the food. Another benefit is its ability to connect through Alexa.

Investing in this WiFi controlled smoker model will get you one of the best WiFi pellet grills. It’s built with top-notch construction to give it a long life and comes complete with additional perks like wifi and Alexa, making it possible to wi-fi control without hovering right next to it. Plus, thanks to its wheels, moving around is easy.


  • Has Alexa-enabled connectivity apart from WiFi
  • Has wheels for mobility, can move your pellet grill around easily
  • Fast heating with Turbotemp, great heat control with quality smoke


  • No extra Bluetooth feature
  • Not the best at grilling but perfect for slow cooking and smoking

#3 WiFi Controlled Davy Crockett Green Mountain Sense Mate Grill

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The Davy Crockett Green Mountain grill is portable at 67.6 lbs and has 29.92 x 14.96 x 21.65 inches with a foldable stand. It can control the temperature of your grill, change temperature settings, and either activate or inactivate the unit through its WiFi connection. You can manage your grill no matter where you are to ensure you got the food cooked according to your preference.

The Green Mountain Davy employs Sense-Mate, a thermal sensory system that takes note of the grill temperature for your food. This best pellet smoker with wifi works on iOS or Android mobile applications. You only have to download the app and use it even while going.

The Davy Crockett Green Mountain grill is PID-controlled and runs with a 12V or a 110AC power source. Upon purchase, it comes with accessories like a meat probe, a peaked lid for large stand-up fowl or rib racks cooking, a convenience tray, and a utensil hook. It is very compact that it would fit the compartment of any car.

The portable grill is made of stainless steel body, and the grill gates are porcelain-coated for easy cleaning after use. The Davy Crockett can be used at 150 to 550 °F temperatures. This grill is one of the best WiFi pellet grill under $500.


  • Lightweight and portable, great for outdoor grilling and smoking
  • Does not use a lot of power
  • Sturday and affordable pellet grills


  • Hopper is on the small side, burns through pellets quite fast
  • WiFi connectivity not so good sometimes

#4 Broil King Crown 500 Pellet Grill

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The Broil King Crown Pellet 500 WiFi grill is designed for total performance to serve your needs. The Broil King Crown 500 wifi Pellet Grill is an all-in-one grilling experience: cooking at low and slow smoking or searing steaks on high heat.

The digital controls offer precision cooking from 225°F to 600°F. This wifi enabled smoker also comes with a touch screen display making your grilling experience easy and tasty.

The Crown Pellet 500 is the ultimate grill machine, with all the features you would ever need. Control your temperature to get perfect results every time using wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. No matter what you’re cooking, it will be an experience we can’t wait for you to try!

The Broil King Crown 500 Pellet Grill Smoker has everything new BBQ masters and grillers are looking for in a grilling experience! It comes fully equipped with 540 square inches of cooking space as well as 18 lbs worth of food-holding pellets in its large pellet hopper.

This product is made of stainless steel, radiant-coated cast iron, and porcelain-enameled aluminum. It can endure daily use and help you maintain high-quality results every time! The user-friendly design includes an easy pellet clearout chute, where you will dump old pellets without ever having to touch them again.


  • Design is user-friendly, makes it convenient to set up and operate
  • Large pellet hopper up to 22 lbs.
  • Quality pellet grill smoker construction for daily cooking


  • Not for large grilling due to small hot grilling space
  • Temperature control may not be accurate

#5 Wood Pellet Traeger Grills Ironwood 885

[amazon box=”B0822BJSSJ” /]

The Traeger Grills Ironwood 885 wood pellet grill offers a more versatile way to grill food in your backyard. It comes with voice controls powered by Amazon’s Alexa cloud-based voice control system.

Traeger Grills Ironwood 885 wood pellet grill has an easily downloadable application that allows you to control it through your mobile phone from any point in your house while connecting to your home Wi-Fi via WIFI Technology. The improved Ironwood combined with D2 drivetrain technology gives enhanced performance and quick start or ignitions, faster heating, and emission of quality smoke.

It has a broader range of heat temperatures to give your grills better flavor. This Traeger grill can efficiently deliver heat from searing steaks on pellet grill to slow cooking.

The Traeger Grill is sturdy with 175 lbs and sensibly sized at 53 x 27 x 47 inches. The grill has precise temperature controls with a maximum heat of 500 °F.

It has a 6-in-1 feature that allows braising, roasting, smoking, grilling, baking, and barbecuing. All these you can do in this one smart grill.

The unit has porcelain-coated grill gates, which enable easy and spotless cleaning after use. It has ample cooking space of a grill for 885 square inches allowing you to for more people at the same time.


  • Perfect for family cooking with large cooking space
  • Precise temperature control settings via WiFi or Alexa
  • Comes with double side-wall insulation for consistent heating


  • Not the best at grilling but works perfect for smoking
  • Grease catch could have been better

#6 WiFi Controlled Green Mountain Trek Prime Grill

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The Green Mountain Trek Prime WiFi Pellet grill is steel alloy cooking equipment with four sturdy legs that you can buy with a leg extension should you need to add additional height. It is made possible by the GMG Smart Control, which you can easily install on your mobile phone. You can adjust the temperature according to your desired setting from 150 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, even if you are inside your house.

It is powered by 110V or 12V with adapters for three power options. Make sure that you check the voltage difference in your country with the international standard before ordering Green Mountain grills to check if you will need adapters or converters.

It is highly recommendable due to the product’s easy assemblage, easy utilization, and convenience for temperature control. It is also very light at 57 lbs.

The unit is well-praised for its high and quick response to WiFi connectivity. It can also keep or maintain temperature well. It includes a meat probe and has an area of 12.5 inches x 17.5 inches that you can cook on. You can also access flavorful recipes to maximize the features of this item, like the easy control over its temperature. Green Mountain grills can do anything, from simple BBQ to gourmet dishes.


  • Portable pellet grill and lightweight, great for outdoors
  • Affordable yet does the job well
  • Consistent temperature control


  • Phone app may be hard to set up, needs improvement
  • Not for large cooking

#7 Weber SmokeFire EX6 Wood Fired Pellet Grill

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The Weber SmokeFire EX6 Pellet smoker Grill includes 1008 square inches. It can be heated to different temperatures from 200 °F up to 600°F. The grill is split into 648 square inches of cooking space on the lower rack and 360 square inches on top.

This grill is perfect for grilling steaks and has enough cooking capacity to grill 30 burgers.

This grill comes with another size, EX 4. which provides a more compact cooking area, at 672 square inches.

The BBQ grill can be used on an open fire or direct grilling. The hopper can hold 22 pounds of pellets for continuous pellet feed, and the flavorizer bars disperse heat and divert drippings into different containers. You’ll also find a drawer below the grill where you can collect dirt, ash, etc., in separate compartments.

The PID control allows the temperature to be changed at five-degree intervals, providing you with precision. It includes four meat probes to simultaneously track the temperature of different kinds of meat.

A lot of pellet grills are great smokers but average to bad grills. This is not the case for the Weber SmokeFire design, which does allow for a pretty good sear when cooking at maximum temperate.


  • Large capacity hopper holds up to 22 lbs of pellets
  • Has flavorizer bar to disperse heat evenly during cooking
  • Low maintenance


  • Pellets may fly out due to hopper design
  • May be prone to grease fire due to lack of deflector plate

#8 Recteq RT-700

[amazon box=”B09477FMN2″ /]

This REC TEC grill is worth mentioning in our list of top choices. The RT-700 by REC TEC has all the features you’d expect in a modern pellet grill, WiFi connectivity and an improved PID controller. The product name lets us know the primary grilling area – 702 square inches. There is also an optional warming shelf for those extra long cooks.

This stainless steel, sealed-seam, heavy-duty product is the perfect cooking space for feeding a large crowd. The 36-inch wide and 20-inch front-to-back dimensions allow you 700 sq. of the cooking floor.

The RT-700 comes with a 6-year warranty unmatched by anyone else in our field. If you encounter any problems, Recteq will take care of them immediately.

The stove weighs 40lbs, which means it will last longer, and you won’t have to fill it up as often. The oven has large numbers on the front, so this would be a good choice if that is something you need help with.


  • Large range cooking temperature from 180°F-700°F, perfect for slow cooking, grilling, smoking and searing
  • Super large hopper capacity can store pellets up to 40 lbs
  • Easy to cook with and easy to clean after


  • Some parts of the pellet grill design have sharp edges, user has to be careful during assembly
  • No hopper cleanout door

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#9 Memphis Grills Beale Street Wi-Fi Controlled Stainless Steel Pellet Grill

[amazon box=”B09785JCJ3″ /]

One look at the Memphis Grills Beale Street pellet grill, and you know you are in for the most durable, well-designed pellet smoker that will last you for many years of cooking. Made with 430 Stainless Steel, you will love the versatility of this wood pellet grill that lets you bake, grill, smoke, roast and also sear like a professional chef from home!

There are 4-inch fans built-in to provide great heat distribution and circulation. Use preset settings for ease of cooking at precise temperatures between 180°F and 550°F, and control the pellet grill from afar via the Memphis Mobile App over Wi-Fi.

You will also be glad that the pellet burning efficiency is wonderful with this Memphis grill, despite having a smaller-sized 12lbs hopper.

Another great feature is the expandable surface that transforms from 558 square inches to 817 square inches. You can get optional accessories like the grate kit, genie tool and direct flame insert (if you plan to sear a lot then this is recommended), though we think the existing grill provides more than enough space and functionality for grilling and smoking especially.


  • Expandable cooking space
  • Great pellet-burning efficiency
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Super durable, thanks to the stainless steel construction


  • Most expensive product on the list
  • Smaller sized than other products of high-end price range

#10 Camp Chef 36 in. WiFi Woodwind Pellet Grill

[amazon box=”B081NSWWVV” /]

If you’re looking for more alternatives, consider the Camp Chef 36 WiFi Woodwind Pellet Grill. Camp Chef is known for producing quality products at an affordable price. You can see this in their Smoke Pro and Woodwind ranges of pellet smokers- they do it all from 160°F for slow smoking to 650°F searing on your principle grill, or 900°F searing with the propane fuelled side attachment.

This WiFi PID controller pellet grill will do anything from smoking to grilling, braising, and roasting. What have you within an outside stove – talk about versatility.

This smoker not only has a continuous feedback loop that maintains temperature range, it also has an excellent smoke degree setting ranging from 1 to 10. To make it even better, pellets must be smold to create smoke and burn off although this is tough to control. The PID makes controlling this much easier than other grills with its accurate management of changes up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even though pellets are great for fuel, they leave ashes behind after burning. You can easily dispose of them by pulling the ash knob and dropping it into a removable cup on your pellet grill. Do that between each cook to clean the burner and get rid of those pesky ashes.


  • Bigger and better for a large cooking space
  • Has PID controller for consistent temperature during cooking
  • Provides 4 stainless steel meat probes


  • May be difficult to connect to app
  • Not a lot of smoke difference despite having smoke levels 1 to 10

Factors to Look At When Choosing The Best WiFi Pellet Smokers

Here are the factors that you have to look into when deciding which one is the best WiFi pellet grill:

Temperature Control

The product is so clever that it allows you to monitor and adjust the temperature of your best smoker with wifi, even if you are pretty distant from the unit.

The use of the digital mobile application to change temperature is precise. If you prefer to change it abruptly or pause the grilling, you can immediately control the number of pellets sent to the hopper and decide what to do next.

Cooking & Resting Your Meat

Cooking your meat or even hamburgers to cook on a WiFi pellet grill is easy to complete. Once you have set your food on the grill, you only need to turn up the necessary temperature to cook it. Then you have to wait for the prescribed time depending on what you are grilling, and then turn the grill off even remotely.

You can opt to leave the meat for a short time to rest. And voila, you have a well-cooked and rested juicy delicacy ready to be eaten when you get home.

Hands-Free Feature

With this grill, there will be no more burnt hands or too much sweat from the heat coming from the griller. The comfort of remotely operating the grill allows you to work on other things which require your attention while cooking.

Cooking Preferences

The range of how you can customize the cooking method needed varies significantly in this kind of grill. You can choose whether you want to bake, grill, cook, smoke or do other cooking processes by just pushing a button in your smartphone app.

Accuracy of Temperature

You can quickly set the exact temperature and monitor it from time to time through the digital application on your smartphone.

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Are WiFi Pellet Grills Worth The Money?

Aside from being “high-tech,” you may be wondering if a WiFi operated pellet grill is any better than your traditional grill.

YES, WiFi pellet grills are definitely worth the bucks – as long as you have the best of its kind, you won’t regret purchasing one!

The best wifi smokers of their kind allow owners to have a preset grilling activity while engaging in other matters. Yes, with this kind of product on board, you can grill while taking a shower, doing home chores, walking your dog, or playing golf.

Many pellet grills or smokers with wifi products have a smartphone application where you can control the temperature of what you are grilling or monitor its progress.

How Do I Choose the Best Wifi Pellet Grill?

It is pretty overwhelming to choose among the various units in the market for high-tech grills. Here are some of the important buying guide you have to consider in choosing the best WiFi pellet grills:

WiFi Enabled, Bluetooth Enabled or Both

Manually operated pellet grills can give you a flavorful barbecue but a unit installed with the grill’s digital controller takes your grilling to another level. Imagine grilling superbly even away from your appliances.

Bluetooth technology may also be an option if you are cooking in a location where no WiFi may be available.

Quality of Construction

Most of the available units made by pellet grill manufacturers are made of stainless steel, which gives them a sturdier build and is particularly needed for portable grills to last for several years. A steady unit is equally essential since you may simultaneously load it with several chicken slices of meat, ribs, and sausages. You do not want to waste these special feasts for your family by having an overturned grill.


Your purpose is a critical component of deciding what grill to buy. You may be grilling and cooking for a family gathering, for personal use, as a gift for your family, using it for business, and for other reasons.

Choosing the suitable unit for your activity is vital. A few bucks will not hurt as long as you get what you require.

Some units can perform many cooking procedures for an additional amount of money, while you can have a simpler and portable pellet grill setup with WiFi features of the other product choices.


You will be amazed at how a WiFi pellet grill is so convenient to use that it allows you to multi-task while cooking the best roast. Its WiFi connectivity and a host of other features make this possible.

Take it to the next level by getting a remote control type that you can use with your voice. Focus on whatever you are doing, then monitor and control the temperatures in your grill.

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Grilling Area

Picture of food on the Pellet Grill With WiFi, Are WiFi Pellet Grills Worth The Money? - Best Wifi Pellet Grills Smokers - The Barbeque Grill

It is best to have the grilling, smoking, and cooking outdoors. The connectivity features will surely help you monitor and alter temperatures according to your dish’s cooking procedures. Some units are portable, foldable, light, and can fit car compartments well.

Other WiFi grills may need a more permanent assembly and a broader area that gives an uncompromising strength even when packed with foods to cook.

Product Reviews

Read what other people say about the product. For example, some product reviews may say that the accessories are usually not included in a WiFi pellet grill, and you need to purchase them separately. It is best to check what accessories you need for your grill, so you can spare a little more money to have them in your pack.


A well-maintained unit will indeed serve you for a more extended period. The grills, pan, gates, and other detailed accessories of our grills should be well cleaned after every use is a vital key for maintenance. Accessories such as porcelain grilling gates are handy in saving cleaning time.

Temperature Range

A pellet grill needs to maintain a temperature range to cook different types of food. A model with an operating range from 200°F-400°F will only be able to cook specific things. But if you buy one with an operating range between 150°F-500° or 600º, it can do all kinds of cooking for you.

Hopper Capacity

One of the crucial factors that help differentiate wifi pellet grills is their hopper capacity. The higher this number, the more pellets you can store at one time in your grill’s hopper.

If a grill has a high hopper size. Then it will be able to run for more extended periods without needing refilling. If not, though, it will need more frequent filling up and restocking on pellets. Circumstances permitting, 18-22 lbs would make for an ideal range for any quality pellet smoker grill hopper.

Grill Size

Your grill is rightly useless if it doesn’t have enough space for lots of food at once. You don’t want to face frustration in your cooking when it doesn’t have enough space to cook lots at once or different dishes simultaneously.

So when you buy your next best wifi Pellet grill, consider that you have enough space. Usually, people don’t enjoy grilling experiences with limited cooking areas. It becomes even worse when they need to make their food one after another which takes up more cooking time.

Grill Warranty and Customer Support

When you buy a Pellet grill with WiFi, you know it is an investment that will take lots of money. So you want to make sure it lasts for the long term.

When buying one, be sure to read the warranty period on offer and look out for other guarantees from the company. If something goes wrong with your buy, they can repair or replace it. Many grills offer up to 5-year warranties these days.


The wifi pellet smoker grill is the most expensive of all models. But, if you can afford a little more. We recommend that you get it. – your initial investment recovered in just a few months by saving money on gas or electricity bills.

You no longer need supervision to cook using it! There will be more time for others to spend together at home.

Final Word

Owning a WiFi pellet grill is so convenient, but you can only prove it once you’ve got the best WiFi pellet grill. As long as you have a strong WiFi connection, you’re good to use the pellet smokers product for any purpose you have in mind – personal use, to serve roast in gatherings, for business, and many more.

We personally like the Camp Chef 24-in WiFi Pellet Grill since it fits all our requirements. The ability to operate a grill that may be working for three hours or more right under your fingertips and the comfort of your mobile phone is a great deal. We definitely think it is a good investment that promises delicious dishes and more fun!