15 Best Korean Barbeque Spots in Atlanta

Korean barbeque, also known as gogi-gu-i (meat roast), is a popular method of grilling meat in Korean cuisine, usually chicken, beef, or pork. This dish is popular not only in Korea, but it is also gaining popularity in the United States.Isn’t it interesting to enjoy a Korean barbecue meal with friends or loved ones in … Read more

Difference between tri-tip and Brisket – The Definitive Answer

Tri-tip and Brisket are both types of beef – they’re both typically served at barbecue restaurants. Tri-tip and Brisket are two cuts of beef with different fat profiles, flavor profiles, and cooking methods. They have slightly different flavors and textures if cooked differently. Both types are great for grilling.  What is Tri Tip? Tri-tip is generally … Read more